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The Shared Quest

We believe that "together is better”


  • Together we provide a huge number of families and children with a unique and special education
  • Together we provide a bigger and better range of learning opportunities
  • Together we provide carers with the best guidance and support
  • Together we are a happy, positive and successful community of learners


Our aim is for all our children across the Federation to be very special healthy, responsible, happy, successful and achieving young people:


  • At Orion, a Star Child
  • At Goldbeaters, a Golden Child


How do we achieve this?


All children across the Federation learn using the same methods - we call this “Gold Star Primary Learning”.


All staff in both schools have developed this unique practice over several years. You can find further information on the schools own websites under “Visions and Values” however here is a brief flavour:


  • Quest – each year we have an annual quest to recognise the Star in everyone and to make a Star of every child. This is very similar at Goldbeaters School – our quest is to make a Golden Child of each pupil. The annual quest varies in its theme. For example: “Quest to Be the Best”, “GO Quest – The Discovery Quest”
  • GO Learning - We learn 3 core areas - Academic learning, Our World Learning and Smart Learning – this is a range of essential curriculum areas organised in a creative and inspiring way. We believe children should discover, explore, and investigate their learning as well as be guided by staff. We believe that excellence and achievement is the key to succeeding on the Learning Journey (Orion) and Learning Adventure (Goldbeaters).
  • GO POWER - Every day children are expected to use a very simple method of personal thinking called GO POWER.


The Orion Way / Golden Way provides a basic guide for pupils, however many other attributes for life need to be learnt, for example: self-motivation, thinking skills, independence, self management, decision making and understanding our learning style.